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Untangle Passes threat Check scans !!

Today Untangle released some news about its NGFW product where their product was put to the test against some stiff paid for competition and Untangle came out on top ! as most of you know I am a huge fan of Untangle and I am very proud of their success

Not only is Untangle much cheaper than some of its paid for counter parts it performs at the same level or exceeds the capabilities of the paid for products see the full post on their website

Again congrats Untangle keep up the great work !!
Keep making the open source security community proud !

A quote from the the article sums it up

“Untangle completely blew away SonicWALL and for a fraction of the price. For small to medium sized networks, Untangle is a no-brainer,” says Donald. “In an enterprise environment, it should be given serious consideration because it is just as good as enterprise players like Cisco, and a lot easier to configure than Checkpoint and other firewalls I have used.”

Also I will be posting a new video between tonight and tomorrow so stay tuned

Thank you and as always stay secure !

Dropbox Malware

Hello All,

recently there has been phishing emails being distributed with a zip file for drop-box this file is actually some ransom ware which tells the user that all of the files on His/Her computer are locked and they will have to pay to have them unlocked if the ransom is not paid which is usually 500$ it doubles and so on

Please be extra careful if you receive an email such as this to never download a file from an email or send your are not sure of and always have the latest antivirus and firewall installed on your computer

Stay Secure !

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