How to Audit your Linux server with Lynis Paid for and free editions

Lynis is an opensource auditing tool that helps administrators check the systems against a predefined compliance template.

There are also some included templates to check the system against such as PCI, HIPPA compliance

This software is pretty easy to use and comes at a reasonable price as well it makes it easy to manage system updates and software inventory and is lightweight the dashboard is also easy to use and install is simple as well



How to Install Logwatch on Debian/Ubuntu

Hello everyone,

Logwatch is a free opensource utility that you can install on your Linux system that can as the name says watch logs on the systems that it is installed on it can then be set up to send you emails with those logs

You can also create other customizations

This tool is of great use especially to system admins who want to keep a close eye on their systems

it is a simple setup process and configuring it is as equally simple