Off topic but important….

Hello All,

So this is a little off topic but important ,

I am letting you all know that I have made an official team to sponsor Folding @ Home this project
is a distributed Computing project that uses idle computers processing power to perform tasks to simulate
protein folding you can find more here

I think it is important to help this cause as it has the potential to cure many illnesses that plague the human race
of course there is a lot of other ways we could contribute but this is a small little contribution that we can do with a machine that we would other wise have on doing nothing that could be making a difference

Team details are as follows

Team number 224270


Please all

Lets spread the word around and lets contribute in this most simplest of ways

I will post on my regular subject tomorrow

In the mean time

Stay secure !!!!

Massive DDOS attack against Spamhaus taking place

Hello Everyone,

Today it has been reported a DDOS attack is taking place against the anti spam provider Spamhaus
this attack is considered the largest attack recorded with over 300 GBPS of traffic going towards
spamhaus networks spamhaus states that due to their spread out infrastructure

the attack comes after Spams blocked access to a web hosting company called cyberbunker a web hosting company that states it will host any content except child porn and terrorism Spamhaus decided it would block cyberbunker to stop spam originating from the websites and servers being hosted by cyberbunker.

now to put this into perspective a DDOS attack that generates 1GBPS of traffic is enough to disrupt many small business networks about 20-30 is what we see in a average DDOS 80 is considered a large attack so what were are seeing now with 300 is massive and until today was unheard of this also raises concerns for future attacks as this shows the true power some attackers have at their disposal

How does a Denial of service attack work

A denial of service attack works by flooding a network with traffic in an effort to bring down the service attache to it for example if the target is a website the attacker will flood the website with so much HTTP traffic that legitimate users who want to access the site will find the server to be unable to respond to the request of that user because the site has been flooded with bogus traffic now that are many different way to perform a DDOS attack for example in this case the attacker may be flood the spamhus’s DNS servers with bogus DNS requests or they could also be flooding the servers with bogus TCP traffic but in the end the attack is the same in that its meant to saturate all the links to the given server

We will see what outcome of this attack brings …

Till next time

Stay secure !!

VPN request form fixed

Hey all,

Just a heads up one of my followers brought to my attention that the contact form
was not going through 🙁

I have since fixed the issue if you have sent a request with the form in the past 2 days and you haven’t received a response first off my apologies and please fill out the form again so I can send you your login credentials

I have included the contact form below so you can fill out the details


Sorry once again

As always stay secure !