I posted some time ago about the benefits of using Cloudflare See my video below if you are not familiar with Cloudflare which is a cloud CDN/WAF   Cloudflare provides a proxy between the internet and your website all traffic is intended to through the Cloudflare network where it is then filtered via the rules

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You may have seen in some applications that have an encryption option such as Kepass or Veracrypt¬†where you can create a “keyfile” but what is a keyfile¬†?¬†what is its purpose?. A keyfile¬†is a file with an encryption key that is random generated either by entering¬†random text and numbers or moving a mouse around the key

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I have covered the importance of MFA(Multi Factor Authentication)  aka 2 factor security   with more and more vendors such as Gmail Outlook and others now supporting MFA there is no reason not to have it enabled. MFA  is the answer to a lot of security issues when it comes to authentication. One of the common complaints

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