New tool Launched ( Random hash/number generator)

Hello Everyone!

First off the happy new year!

I hope everyone’s holiday was filled with fun and family

I posted earlier this month about the importance of entropy and generating truly random numbers for things like PGP keys and encryption keys I have created a small website which aims to help with this problem.  is the site it is pretty simple I have been developing some backend algorithms that takes many inputs to generate randomness  the data is not stored long-term and the hashes and outputs are created with so many types of data that you can be sure to get a unique number that is not recorded anywhere so you don’t know what seed data was used and neither do I

So far the system outputs





I have some other plans for the site which will add some features such as the ability to input your data and adding some other algorithms so stay tuned


And as always let me know what you think!


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