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We all know that having a strong password is a must when using online services such as email and social media.

Sometimes the passwords we think may be secure are not always the best choice that where I was told about the password meter tool @ safetydetective.com/password-meter/
This tool allows you to enter a password and with the click of a button make it more secure by entering characters based on best practices.

An example I enter the word test I have the following options

If I click the option to make my password 8 characters long I got the following output “testch1mneyS<”
this is really cool because aside from getting random output it attaches to a word that I would remeber.

If you are looking for just a random password you have that option too by clicking the Random button at the bottom which spits out a random password.

This tool can be used both for generating a secure password but also for educational purposes as you can show examples of secure passwords based on different criteria.

This is another tool for the belt and can be useful for end-user education

See you next time!

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