Tool List

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On this page, I  will put links to tools for Security/System administration and other useful tools

Security Utilities

Keepass – Password manager

KeePass is a pretty good password manager

VeraCrypt –

VeraCrypt is the fork of TrueCrypt and is used to encrypt files and folders


Antivirus Programs


Avast is a very popular antivirus program that has a paid for a free edition

Eset NOD32 –

Eset is a great AV product which has a great detection rate


Privacy Tools

Tor Browser –

Simply put the TOR browser is a browser used for anonymous surfing and is also used to access the Onion network.

Privacy Badger–

Privacy Badger is a browser plugin built by the EFF this plugin help you control your privacy by blocking certain trackers.


I will update this list overtime if you want to contribute to this list leave a comment and I will add it