Intropage for Cacti is a nice dashboarding plugin

The Intropage dashboard for cacti  bring the ability to add a nice dashboard for user and admins alike
You can have a dashboard setup for  different  audiences i.e the NOC or Support desk


Panels are added based on the permissions the user has and the dashboard can be shared with other users
If a user  uses a dashboard that has been shared by another user that higher privileges the panels that the user does not have permission for
will be removed

The plugin also has some other useful features for admin such as database health checks and DNS/NTP check
The plugin manages performance by leveraging a dedicated poller in the background collecting the stats for the panels and sharing it
not all of the panels refresh at the same time saving load times waiting for database queries to run for information that does change much
I.e a total breakdown of devices may not be something that changes often for most setups so why check it every page load
You can see the default refresh times at the top of each panel also each panel can be refreshed on demand if you need the data now!

The plugin is installed like any other plugin move the files to the plugin directory of your cacti installation
Then install/enable the plugin from the plugins page

The plugin can be found here

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