We have seen it time and time again DDoS attacks against organizations causing network interruptions and downtime . These Organizations at times are hopeless at the hands of the attackers sometimes even for ransom. Think of a small or medium business with a 50Mbps internet connection that is getting attacked what options does that

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Yesterday we saw a massive DDOS attack against a crucial piece of internet infrastructure the DNS ( Domain Name Service) the DNS is responsible;e for name resolution, for example, resolving google.ca to its IP address. Without this service, a user would need to remember the IP address of their favorite website. Yesterday a major hosted

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Hello Everyone, In my recent video, I show you how fast a ransomware infection can spread to a machine even with antivirus Ransomware is a serious issue that is on the rise the issue with ransomware is its destruction and the rate of which it is spreading. Often leaving organizations with 2 options support the

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