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Hey Everyone,

A little while ago I mentioned I wanted to make a page available for those who want to see the behavior of nefarious ssh traffic.

as you may know, I run  SSH Honeypots around the web I have now aggregated the stats to one site where you can see the types of attacks that happen. A list of bad IP Addresses that can be downloaded in a CSV format is also available as well as the links where the attackers have downloaded the scripts from if they use any.

The site is a little rough around the edges right now but ill work on that. the mascot is Hades for the site Hades if you don’t know is the god of the underworld so a little fitting. I may also be moving the server soon I am using a small server that I  had and I am planning  in case capacity becomes an issue  any donation towards a bulkier server would be awesome they run for about 5-10$ a month for a decent spec


If you would like to donate either an SSH Honeypot or a couple of dollars so I can put more out that would be awesome. if you have your own I can send you the details on how to submit the stats to the site.

I will also be setting up a single point for website honeypots such as glastopf and others.


The Ultimate goal to gather a large data set of activities from a wide range of honeypots located around the world and make the data available to anyone who can make use of it.

Anyone can join in on the project the more servers we have the more data we can collect !.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!

The link to the site is

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