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I wanted to do a little write up on


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So I don’t normally review things like this but I recently came across this site, I have personally been using it for skills training and it’s awesome. They offer their own certification path and the courses are very well created.

As some of you may know cyber security training can get pricey some courses are in the 5k range and that can be a lot if you are starting out. Or if you are working for an employer that doesn’t invest in ongoing training.

I took one of the complimentary skills certifications and found it  to be a great experience the interface is nice and they have  a great forum going on

Below is a screen shot of the login page I am currently enrolled in some of their courses and am liking it.


Here is the certificate you get when you pass one of the exams



The biggest thing that appeals to me is that their courses are a general course instead of a vendor specific.

They also offer certification courses from CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, etc. You can save thousands of dollars training with this site they even have an Android App which I personally use.

At the end no matter how much you think you know about this industry there is tons more to learn. I am always learning and there is still things I don’t know I believe this should be the way education is free and open to anyone.


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