Social Media Security with ZEROFOX

When thinking about traditional security we think about  protecting traditional assets like Laptops and Servers but we have gone way passed that now. The attack surface of our networks has grown to way passed our corporate HQ with telecommuters and mobile devices its hard to keep up but now there lurks another attack vector social media . A lot of businesses underestimate the importance of keeping a vigilant eye on the security of social media accounts.



From fake coupons and to fake support agents many people and companies have fallen victim to social media scam and attacks.

see this Bed Bath and Beyond example

A simple page that holds a similar name to your company with a malware link posing as a coupon is all it takes for a successful malvertisinzg attacks attacking your current and prospective clients .

To combat this a company ZEROFOX has come up with a awesome social media protection platform that aims to detect social media attacks using machine learning and big data

Think of it like a IDS for your social media footprint the Firefox product wont be able to in real time block a fake profile by they will find it before you can and action a take down request to the platform much more effectively than you can.

They have the relationships with the networks that allows them to make haste with such a take down

Here is some of the metrics they sport from their site

zerofox stats

The platform works by analyzing posts from around social media to capture any illegitimate posts or profiles that are posing as you or your business.

The platform need access to the profiles that it is protecting to capture data when the account is set to private  if there is an account not set to private then the public data will be analyzed.

ZEROFOX  is fairly new on the block and is sporting some cool features.

The platform is computable with almost every social media platform

Here is a example of the UI from the platform

zerofox dashboard


As you can see from the dashboard view the platform takes tons of information from all of the sources and complies it to find anomalies or threats found and displays alerts based on policies set by you

Here is an example of an account level display

zerofox profile


Social media is growing at an amazing rate you need to consider this attack vector in your security planning at zerofox helps  you protect your company against the threats







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