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How to configure the Sophos endpoint protection module on the UTM9

Hello Everyone,

In this video I show you how you can setup the Sophos endpoint protection on a client this along with the Sophos UTM can work together to alert you of any malware infections that are detected,

After a threat has been detected the UTM can work to isolate the client and do other things to protect the rest of the network this is a pretty awesome and helpful feature to have to protect your network.



SOPHOS application Control module SOPHOS UTM

Hello everyone,

In this video I show you how to configure application control on the Sophos UTM appliance Application control allows you to slow down or block traffic from a specific application to control network traffic.

for example, you may not want you workforce surfing Netflix and YouTube during work hoursĀ  or maybe you want to limit the amount of bandwidth taken up by those applications

In this case, application control can help you with this




Sophos Anti-port scanning setup

in this video, I show you how you canĀ  set up a feature in your Sophos UTM called antiport scanning this module is built into the Sophos UTM and can stop port scanning against your network

This can make it a pain for attackers to do recon on your network the idea is that the UTM will drop traffic that is sequentially scanning from port to port.

This feature is easy to setup and the logging that Sophos provides is really useful for this.

Sophos UTM9 User portal setup

The Sophos User portal can be setup to help users and administrators configure endpoint and mobile devices.

From the portal a user can download a content filtering certificate used for HTTPS inspection,Configure VPN and so much more the setup of this module can use local accounts or AD/Ldap account as long as you have a LDAP or AD configured.

This video will show you how you can set this portal up and use it