cyber bullying : what parents can do

Hello All,

Latley in the news we have been hearing alot about online bullying or cyber bullying
this is brings a new issue that today parents have to deal with

some parents are asking them selves what can be done to protect thier children again such attacks

here are some tips parents can use

1.) parental controls on mobile devices

now a days kids and teens are carrying what used to be a phone but is now virtually a computer in thier pockets and with the new issue of things likes sexting and camerphones there is a need for parents to step in a control what thier children and teens have the access to certain features on the devices of today  some examples would be software mechnisum to not allow mms messages or textmessages to anyone other than an allowed contact

2.)  use of social media such as facebook

parents should sit down with children and set ground rules on the use of social media it is also a good idea for you to add yourself on your childs friends list so you can see what is being posted and some of thier activites if your child is under a certain age one of which you can decide up until that point you may also want to choose to have your childs password for thier account so you can review the activites

3.) parental controls on a pc/laptop

another approach is to instal parental controls that record conversations that take place on the web from your childs computer and also record activites such as image uploads for you review later

what to do if you discover you childs a victim of cyber bullying

1.) report the imncident to the authorites  if you use parental control software or monitoring software you can show the autorirea the information you have obtained as proof

2.) report the incident to your childs school

3.) talk to your child  and educate them on awareness of network saftey
such as dont give out personal information to strangers such as address or phone number
as the assumption always is that the bully is someone your child know this is not always the case

if you have anymore ideas on what could be done please leave a comment !

thank you all for reading

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