About me

Hello everyone

My name is Sean Mancini

I currently work as a network specialist at a major communications provider in Ontario,Canada
I hold a diploma in Network and Internet Security
I have attended continuing education programs in the network security field
As well as years of self learning

My goal for my blog is to provide information on how to secure your network
and I hope to provide information to both home user and businesses to better understand
what network security is all about

I hope you all enjoy the content of this site and please pardon any grammar errors
Grammar is not my strong point lol

If you would like to contact me do so by leaving a comment or through the blog

you can follow me on twitter @mancinitech

If you have any suggestions or need a question answer please leave a comment !

Thank everyone for taking the time to read my blog

Sean Mancini

“You cant be a white hat before you learn the black hat ways”

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