Password protecting your Cell Phone .

Often I wonder why many people ignore mobile security measures such as password protecting their
cellphones ?

why do people think mobile security is not as important than the security on their computer ?

in this post I just wanted to explain why I think its imperative you put a password on your cellphone as a layer of protection.

we use our cell phones for more than just phones with the advent of devices such as the iphone or android even blackberry we have features included in these devices such as a camera which we take pictures of our loved ones
these devices hold other info that we may have on our device such as a calendar showing our schedule and in some cases we have our email address attached to our phones which allows us to read our emails without having to always type our password in

now assume you lost this device today ?

how would you feel if the person who found your phone had access to see pictures of your loved ones , your personal info such as home phone number or phone numbers of friends ? pictures of loved ones ? your email address and all your contacts ?

all this can be prevented for the most part although there are many other protections you can install on your device but for the scope of this post we will stick to the password
android has other types of passwords such as instead of a password using words and numbers you can use a drawn out
pattern such as a zigzag or another shape to unlock your device

below i have included a link for android and iphone and how to secure your phone with a password

Iphone “”



That’s my take on why its important to have at least a password on your cellphone
this small step can protect you and your info you store on your device

till next time

Stay Secure !

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