HTTPS everywhere webbrowser plugin

Hey Everyone !,

I thought I would do a review on this plug in available for most web browsers the plug in is called HTTPS everywhere

This plug in was created by the creators of the Tor network and the EFF what this plug in does is when you visit a HTTP website that supports HTTPS it will redirect the browsing session to the HTTPS part of the site which make your browsing more secure due to the fact that the session is now fully secure with the HTTPS protocol

now this wont work for every website as some websites may not have HTTPS enabled at all but it ads that peace of mind that you have a automated way to be as secure as possible at all times

Where can you get the plug-in ?
See links below

Here is the link for chrome


this plugin can be useful for businesses and home users to protect thier experince online

have any thoughts of the plugin ?
Leave a comment and tell me what you think !

until next time
Stay secure !

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