Has your email been pwned ? check with cool website

Hello everyone!

There is a very cool website http://www.haveibeenpwned.com/
This website tracks websites that have been compromised and the hack has been made public for example the Adobe website hack you can enter your email address into the site this is the email you would have registered with and will cross reference it with the database of emails that may have been compromised and output the results if your email has been listed on the compromised sites list of usernames


Don’t Worry about privacy matters on this site as they are not asking anything personal such as your password or other personal information
I have personally used the site as well

They claim to have a database of 153,962,421 pwned email addresses
as well as 154,366,239 pwned accounts from a total of 6 websites that have been compromised examples are Adobe and Yahoo

This is a cool tool and I like the concept I think this website has a lot more potential in the future !

Until next time everyone stay secure !

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