The Awesome Cisco Emergency Communications Truck!

Hey All,

As I said in my previous Post I was recently at Cisco connect 2014
This event was awesome I learned a lot and I got to network with some really cool people and got to see the new innovations from Cisco I am super hyped about the future with the Internet of everything but am also kind of worried lol I can see it now the bot-net of internet connected fridges attacking a website …… thinks its not possible do you ,,, haha

Here are some images of the Cisco Emergency Communications truck





This truck is complete with satellite up-link a full ip network ready with ip phones 3g and video conferencing this was truly a awesome sight the truck was shown in working order they even had a box that allowed UHF VHF AM and FM to talk to each other !!

I thought I would share this I will post up more about the conference when I get the chance

Till then
Stay secure !

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