Big data + Security = Business Intelligence

With the blow up in big data and the ease of use of big data related tools such as Splunk organizations are better empowered to track trends from devices and systems that were previously tedious and time-consuming and relied on human resources tools such as Splunk allow administrators to use the power of technologies such as Hadoop and data science to pull data from devices such as routers,switches,firewalls and the like to get a view of events from around the network this previously would involve someone either logging into a device or using services such as Syslog and SNMP but no system until now had the power to empower admins to find trends either in security or system related trends.

The use cases for this new ability are abundant the benefit is clear for many organizations and serves as an evolution for SIEM as we now can be proactive instead of reactive countless studies and white papers show that the time to detect a breach is averaging 6 months (

We as a security community need to start educating organizations that security should be a priority and no thought of as a burden and a cost since the cost of a breach can be much more than the solution

Companies need to start putting more effort into securing customer data as well as their own networks these data breaches are at times not sophisticated which means that at time basic best practices are not followed.

I believe that with more awareness and more streamlined easy to use tools and intelligence systems we can drive down the amount of data breaches and hacks we see by making it easier to implement security into organizations.


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