TeslaCrypt has shutdown and has released the master encryption key !

I am a bit late to the game on this one

It has been reported by ESET and SANS that the ransomware operators have shut down their operations and have released the master encryption key to decrypt infected computers data.  This is surprising seeing as the market has been very lucrative for the ransomware developers and the infection rate is increasing.

See below from the group’s tor page



Since the master key is now available tools have been made to decrypt encrypted data to help users recover.

The Eset tool is available at  http://download.eset.com/special/ESETTeslaCryptDecryptor.exe

Does this mean the team has disbanded or are they working on a more sophisticated malware? there are a lot of questions but for now, this is great for those that have been infected by Teslacrypt.


Ransomware continues to be a big issue for both home and business users we are finding more strains all the time and the infection is very effective which is why it is so lucrative.

Here is a quote from welivesecurity

“We must stress that ransomware remains one of the most dangerous computer threats at this moment, and prevention is essential to keep users safe. Therefore, they should keep operating systems and software updated, use reliable security solutions with multiple layers of protection, and regularly back up all important and valuable data at an offline location (such as external storage).” – http://www.welivesecurity.com

-Picture is from –  welivesecurity.com


In order to protect your self, it is vital to keep up with the standard best practices keep an update antivirus and firewall installed as well as keep current with operating system updates.

Also, don’t click on unknown links or download attachments from unknown senders

See you soon!


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