Ransomware Outbreak !

By now I am sure you have heard the news,

WannaCRY Ransomware

Yesterday there was a huge Ransomware outbreak that struck across Europe the Wannacry Ransomware  made its rounds the targets were hospitals in the UK the Russian Police and many others

Even Microsoft started making patches for older systems like XP !!! when I read that  I was surprised 

But the sad part of this is that the Malware exploits a vulnerability that was patched back in March!  this reminds me of the Blaster worm  MS had a patch for months before it started making its rounds back then.

The same things are still happening network operations and security operations take too long to react to the rapidly changing internet threats.

There are also other things at play this same exploit was revealed in the NSA Dumps thanks to the Shadow Brokers.

as of late the shadow Brokers have gone dark citing that they have not received enough funding via bitcoins and the risk is too high to continue.

We really need to step up the game in the security community via awareness and patching more quickly or these outbreaks will continue to happen.

If you have a windows network I suggest you patch your systems with the MS17-010 check out the bulletin from Microsoft.



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