SwiftStack – Object storage platform #random notes

I have been playing around with the SwiftStack platform lately here is some info I got so far

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SwiftStack is an object storage platform similar to Amazon S3 but caters to data center operators

or companies that require large amounts of data storage where AWS S3 may not a be an economical  option

SwitftStack differs from the OpenStack swift deployment in that there are wrappers that are included to enhance the functionality.

The platform has 2 major components the node and the controller. The controller as the name suggests controls the nodes where the storage devices are located

these can be mechanical drives or SSD drives depending on the tier of storage you need.

each node can be added to a cluster to expand the amount of storage and fault tolerance. The cluster like S3 is considered eventually consistent meaning that when data

is written it will take some time to be fully redundant across the cluster depending on how many replicas you have configured will dictate the amount of time it takes.

The underlying file system at the disk level is XFS which offers the best performance for that purpose of this type of storage platform.

You wouldn’t use an object storage solutions to replace something like a NAS or SAN.

The platform supports encryption but be wary you either have to start your install using encryption or if you enable it afterward, You will only encrypt data that

has been written after you enable encryption. The data that was on the system will remain un-encrypted

You can put and get data via the swiftAPI similar to how we can on AWS S3 you can access files directly via HTTP requests as well provided the policy allows it.

The ACL’s are similar to what we see in AWS as well. The supported verbs in the API are PUT, GET, HEAD, DELETE you can use curl to do all of these operations.

Cool stuff

I will work to get some screenshots from the platform via my lab

Let me know if you would like to know about anything specific!

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