Learn how to use Gunicorn, a web server for Python applications, to host Flask-based APIs. Discover how Gunicorn uses pre-forking to handle requests faster and how to customize server configurations using command line flags. Follow this step-by-step guide to set up Gunicorn with Nginx and deploy a simple Flask app. Don’t forget to check out the example config file for Gunicorn to fine-tune performance and logging settings.


Hey All just a quick post on WordPress authentication keys You may have noticed that in the newer versions of WordPress that in the WP-config.php file there is a block of code asking for key passphrases. That is to support encrypted cookies for your users when they login if you don’t generate the keys what

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I posted some time ago about the benefits of using Cloudflare See my video below if you are not familiar with Cloudflare which is a cloud CDN/WAF   Cloudflare provides a proxy between the internet and your website all traffic is intended to through the Cloudflare network where it is then filtered via the rules

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  So it has been a few days since I was at the conference and I came across a few companies and products that I have not have the opportunity to see. One of the products that caught my eye was Darktrace they sell their product as the “Enterprise Immune System” essentially they are smashing

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