new bank scam email recived

this is a classic scam here are the 4 signs this is a fake 

1.) spelling notice some of the spelling mistakes

2) any reputable back would never correspond with you via email for security issues you most definitely would be contacted by phone

3) look at the copyright  first mistake the corporate name  is TD Canada trust 

4) this is a alarming thing that even the most non- technical person can catch

if your right mouse click on the link in the email and click save link location this is where you truly will be directed to

important points
1.) this email did not end up in spam until i put it there
2.) when you clicked the link in internet explorer it did not advise this was a phishing website but Mozilla Firefox did !

this is just another reason why just having a antivirus/firewall updated browser is not always enough  !

be smart stay secure !!!

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