the dangers of chat rooms and children

as parents and adults its our responsibility to ensure we protect our children from threats of the world just like we would protect them from being chased by the school bully we should be doing the same for their online security

its is very easy for a child to gain access to a chat room and start chating  from that time your child
may be prone to internet predictors or other threats

ways to protect your child

1.) use parental control software to restrict what websites they can surf to
2.) keep your computer in a open area where you can see your child’s activity
3.) there is software available that logs all chat activity which i will post in the software section of this page
4.) look for unusual  long internet activity  for example if your child usual use the internet for about 1 hour but all of a sudden now its 4 hours look into it as this may be an issue the reason is if your child is now talking to someone online they may be luring in your child to “meet up “ or a “relationship”

and the end know your child know thier friends and  keep involved with thier activites

be smart stay secure !!

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