Protect your self from spammers

Hey everyone

One popular question is how do i protect my self from a spammer  getting a hold of my email address

for one posting your email address on a forum or a website is a bad idea unless you have to for example your business website

another suggestion is  to choose your email address wisely for example if your name is john it is a wise idea  not to chose something like [email protected]  the reason for this is it protects you from one of the most popular spamming techniques a “dictionary spam attack ”   the logic behind this attack is when the attacker or the spammer goes against a email server in this case the hotmail email server the hacker goes by a dictionary of names  so john being a popular name it would be one of the prime targets  for spamming  in this type of attack

when the spammer does not get a bounce back says hey this email address doesn’t exist he or she now knows that this is a active email address

but if john were to select [email protected] he cuts the probability in half that this type of attack would effect him

be smart stay secure !

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