The misconceptions about network security for both home and business

everyday millions and millions of computers around the world are compromised and the users of these computers don’t even know from the big corporations to the home users  everyone is at risk and the scary part about it is that most of the users of the computers don’t even know !!!
the problem is  number one EDUCATION some people think just because they have an antivirus/firewall on their computer that they are in some sort of untouchable zone wrong !!!  millions of different types of malware is launched onto the internet a day and for security professionals to keep up is near impossible  security is a balance between education and common sense for instance  a common thing now is to get a spam message from a bank asking for information such as your account number now site back and think now why would a bank ask for  your account number ? 

live by this rule if a person were to call me and ask for this information would i give it to them without challenging them ? if not then why would you just give your information to a computer  without questioning it ?

be smart stay secure !

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