Hello Everyone! Every wondered if you antivirus is working ? Ever wanted to test the real-time protection of your antivirus and its effectiveness of threat detection ? Well there is a free online resource you can use to download different types if files such as .zip files .com or .html file that should set off

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Hello everyone!, Recently in the news there has been reports that hackers used a keylogger to capture logins of approximately 2Million user accounts belonging to Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin users of those services are strongly urged to change their passwords to prevent any future login attempts researches from trustwave have stated that the data breach has been going

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Hello everyone With the Christmas season in full swing that time of year where hackers and scam artists try to exploit the holiday season with new tricks to steal your identity and try their new scams here are some tips when shopping online When shopping online 1.) Beware of too good to be true offers

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Hello everyone ! in this article i would like to relay my views of this subject recently there has been a trend in the market called byod this basically is where the employee of an organization is allowed to use their own personal devices such as laptops and mobile phones to perform work functions this

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Hello all, In this post I will go over what I think should be part of every businesses security process What is establishing a base line ? the purpose of establishing a baseline is to know what is normal and what is not normal activity on your network for example if you have a website

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Hello All, In this post I will show you how you can protect yourself against data theft using free open source software You have heard it on the news someone working for some company was taking an usbstick/portable hard drive from one place to another and lost it and now there are thousands of people’s

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