Mitigate Spammers With Barracuda Antispam Gateways

Hello All,

this post is directed to businesses and IT pros who have to deal with spam issues

Do you have a issue with spam ?

A way to mitigate spam attacks with ease can be done with a couple of different things

such as proper mail server configuration
protecting internal emails from being published on public forums
patching client system and server systems as well as antivirus and firewall software on client machines to prevent viruses

but sometimes even all of that is not enough
so what else can be done ?

Meet Barracuda cloud based email security !
Barracuda networks is by far one of the most trusted and reliable network security companies that offer cloud based services to cater to many different needs from small business to large enterprise barracuda covers them all

this system is extremely easy to manage and often does not require alot of knowledge to get setup

It is by fare the best anti spam solution i have implemented and worked with and i recommend it to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy anti spam solution

essentially the setup goes like this

Without the service your incoming mail would route like this

sender send the email >> message routes through internet – your email server receives the mail >> client receives email

the only anti-spam measures typically would either need software on the server which would have to be managed or a hardware based firewall

With any cloud based anti-spam service the route is almost the same but the difference is

sender sends mail >> message routes through internet >> the message is now routed to the anti-spam gateway before your server to check if its spam or not >> checked mail is forwarded to your server >> client receives mail that is not spam !

more on barracuda services @ their website

There are also many other reputable companies that offer this similar service which one do you like ?

leave a comment below and let me know

Till then

Stay secure !

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