Sophos adds Lets Encrypt support to UTM9

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Sorry I have been away for a while life has been crazy I have a new addition to the family ! my son was born on Christmas day 2018 what an adventure it has been so far I plan to be back to my regular blogger/YouTuber self after some time to take it all in! thanks for sticking with me !.

Sophos has released a new version to the their UTM 9 appliance version 9.600 now includes Lets Encrypt support. If you don’t know Lets Encrypt is a project that is lead by some of the biggest names in tech. With this project you can get a free SSL certificate for your site the catch is they expire every 90 days so you need a script that auto renews them for you which is included in the app.

To generate the certificate is very simple using webadmin follow the below screenshots

New certificate button
add certificate pane
new certificate pane
certificate in list

Once you finish these steps the UTM will reach out to the Lets Encrypt server to get the certificate generated !. Once the certificate is generated you will be able to apply it to the web-server protection module while hosting your web-servers behind the UTM. This allows the UTM to host the SQL certificate instead of having a certificate on each server which can be a nightmare to administer.The UTM will take care of re-newing the certificate for you with LetsEncrypt so no need to worry about that.

For more information on lets encrypt find them @

Please let me know if you need any help or have any questions !

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