Hello All, Please be aware of this Air canada spam message circulating around the internet Type of message : Phising Senders IP : Location of IP located in Italy Link in email points to http://absabeauty.com/wordpress/pdf_ticket_copy.zip When a user clicks on the link malware is installed on the host computer Begin of email text […]

Hello All, this post is directed to businesses and IT pros who have to deal with spam issues Do you have a issue with spam ? A way to mitigate spam attacks with ease can be done with a couple of different things such as proper mail server configuration protecting internal emails from being published

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Hello Everyone Please beware of the below email if you see this email in your inbox please mark as spam and delete Type of email – Phishing Email Orgin Ip – Orgin Country – is from United States(US) in region North America Link in email actually points to http://jailtimeconsulting.com/kikil/index.php Beginning of the message

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