I have been playing around with the SwiftStack platform lately here is some info I got so far SwiftStack is an object storage platform similar to Amazon S3 but caters to data center operators or companies that require large amounts of data storage where AWS S3 may not a be an economical  option SwitftStack differs

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    You may have seen services offered from cloud vendors labeled as “Micro-Services” but what exactly are these services?. Microservices are “BlackBox” solutions from providers such as AWS and Azure these services such as RDS (Relational Database Service) from AWS provide full featured Database services but the management is abstracted from the user you

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If you are running the newer  versions of solaris you may be tempted to use the old ways where you edit the resolv.conf file to setup your DNS  DO NOT DO THIS ! Oracle wants you to be using the SMF ( Service Management Facility ) to be making such changes instead using the following svccfg

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Hello Everyone If you have followed my YouTube channel for a while you may have seen my video on the GLASTOPF webapplication honeypot by Web application honeypots allow you to host a page that is functioning while being able to see all the traffic and activies that occour on that page. This information

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