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Dropbox Malware

Hello All,

recently there has been phishing emails being distributed with a zip file for drop-box this file is actually some ransom ware which tells the user that all of the files on His/Her computer are locked and they will have to pay to have them unlocked if the ransom is not paid which is usually 500$ it doubles and so on

Please be extra careful if you receive an email such as this to never download a file from an email or send your are not sure of and always have the latest antivirus and firewall installed on your computer

Stay Secure !

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Speak today with your family on online security !

Happy Family day Ontario,Canada

While we should not have to wait for a holiday to speak on this subject

Today would be a great opportunity for you and your family to discus online safety

Here are some great tips for safety online from the government of Canada take some time today to speak to your family about this subject and be safe online !

IS your Antivirus working ?

Hello Everyone!

Every wondered if you antivirus is working ?

Ever wanted to test the real-time protection of your antivirus and its effectiveness of threat detection ?

Well there is a free online resource you can use to download different types if files such as .zip files .com or .html file that should set off you antivirus and flag it as a virus although this is not 100% fool proof as no antivirus or security measure is 100% but this will definitely test against the most basic of virus activity you even have the option of downloading the file via HTTP and HTTPS to see how your AV reacts

The site is located at

All in all this is a very useful tool for testing

Until next time stay secure !